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It was founded between the eighth and seventh centuries BC from the Umbrians on a hill located on the left bank of the Tiber, about 400 meters above sea level and a short distance from the territory inhabited by the Etruscans, with the name of Tutere, which means “border town”. According to legend, initially the

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Spoleto is located at the southern end of the Valle Umbra, a vast alluvial plain generated in prehistoric times by the presence of a vast lake, Illacus Umber, permanently drained in the Middle Ages, after its swamping, with reclamation works. The city developed on the Sant’Elia hill, a low hilly promontory at the foot of

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Orvieto, one of the oldest cities in Italy, owes its origins to the Etruscan civilization: the first settlements date back to the ninth century BC. and located within the tuffaceous caves in the massif where the Umbrian town currently stands. Although the fame of Orvieto is deeply intertwined with that of its magnificent cathedral, the

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The town of Greccio is located in Sabina, in the Upper Lazio, on the border with Umbria. The medieval village of Greccio stands on a ridge of the Sabine Mountains, on the western edge of the Piana di Rieti, at 705 meters above sea level (about 300 meters higher than the valley bottom).

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The origins of the village date back to the eighth century and its history is linked to that of the abbey of San Pietro in Valle, in defense of which, in 1200, two castles were erected. First free commune, then under the lordship of the Cybo and the Ancaiani, he fought long against Montefranco and

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Dunarobba frazione Alviano

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The Dunarobba Fossil Forest came to light in the late 70s, inside a clay quarry for the construction of building bricks. The remains of about fifty trunks of gigantic conifers currently visible constitute an exceptional and rare testimony of some plant essences that characterized this sector of the Italian peninsula in the period between 3

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