Convent of San Francesco

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San Francesco reached Stroncone in 1213. He was offered a chapel, where, in 1228, according to the #Gonzaga, the first convent dedicated to Santa Maria was built. Subsequently abandoned, in 1550 it took the name of #SanFrancesco. Outside the church, two chapels were built dedicated respectively to St. Anthony the Abbot and St. Anthony of #Padova. The latter had been built at the expense of all the people for particular graces received. Here he was called to paint Tiberius d ‘# Assisi who, in 1509, frescoed the #Madonna with Child, between the #santi Antonio da Padova, Girolamo, Michele arcangelo and Bonaventura. In the subsequent enlargements of the convent important that concerning the #bibliotheque which already in 1650 had a very good reputation as for the quantity of books # kept. πŸ“šβ›ͺπŸ›

Umbria Jazz Spring

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Umbria Jazz Spring is done in four: #GOSPEL, #SOUL, #BLUES & #JAZZ. All these musical genres are closely intertwined, in substance even before in the formal aspects, and are sometimes difficult to distinguish. Together, they define the contours of the best #blackmusic born in American territory.
All this is inspired by the spring musical festival of #Terni, which includes #events concentrated in the # heart of the city and without interruption. During the period of the #fasquali festival Terni hosts the most substantial and articulated Black Music program on a national level. The choice of spaces was made in coherence with the musical genres: in clubs, therefore, jazz, to recover its historically more typical atmosphere; in the Sanctuary of #SanFrancesco, a place of prayer and meeting place for the community of believers, the gospel; in the @caos_centroarti, space of art, cultural production and aggregation, the blues, the soul and the more transversal strands.


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A man is not old until he is searching for something.

The Marmore Waterfall

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The Marmore Waterfall is the highest in Europe, we have it one step away from home and every year it attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world. Its biggest peculiarity, besides being the highest is that it is an artificial waterfall. For this reason, do not be scared if you see the waterfall off, you have not made a voyage, just wait for the reopening time to admire the roaring of the water. At the @raftingmarmore Center the activities are many and suitable for all ages: children can have fun doing Soft Rafting, alone or with their parents, to carry out a wonderful family activity. If you don’t have children and you want to try a unique experience, you can choose how to walk the rapids of the Nera river: paddling in a dinghy, swimming in the waters with the hydrospeed or canyoning among the rocks and gorges of the mountain overlooking the river


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Autumn comes early in the morning, spring comes at the end of a winter day


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Papigno, a small village of stone and rocks, then as now unknown to most, is revealed in its singular position, in its picturesque appearance and its archaic charm.
It represents an ideal of primitive beauty and technique for the artists who dedicate to him the extraordinary number of drawings and paintings, making this Umbrian town one of the most represented in the history of landscapes.
Like the village, the painters, especially plenarists, love the surroundings, in particular the secular woods that surround it and the panoramic views towards the Terni valley


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Freedom is the power to do what is good, not what we like.