Convent of San Francesco

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San Francesco reached Stroncone in 1213. He was offered a chapel, where, in 1228, according to the #Gonzaga, the first convent dedicated to Santa Maria was built. Subsequently abandoned, in 1550 it took the name of #SanFrancesco. Outside the church, two chapels were built dedicated respectively to St. Anthony the Abbot and St. Anthony of #Padova. The latter had been built at the expense of all the people for particular graces received. Here he was called to paint Tiberius d ‘# Assisi who, in 1509, frescoed the #Madonna with Child, between the #santi Antonio da Padova, Girolamo, Michele arcangelo and Bonaventura. In the subsequent enlargements of the convent important that concerning the #bibliotheque which already in 1650 had a very good reputation as for the quantity of books # kept. 📚⛪🛐