The alleys of Stroncone

February 18, 2019 Comments Off

In life it is not convenient to break down because you never know what’s around the corner↩

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san valentino

January 31, 2019 Comments Off

Preparations are underway for the advent of Valentine’s Day, the patron saint of Terni. We are waiting for you with many other little surprises from the heart❤    

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Marmore Falls

November 2, 2018 Comments Off

The Waterfalls, which are immersed in a natural scenery of incomparable beauty, are an artificial work due to the Romans. In fact, at that time, the Velino river was greatly enlarged and had created a vast zone of stagnant waters, swampy and unhealthy. Aiming to make these waters deflow, the consul Curius Dentatus had a

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Lake Piediluco

November 1, 2018 Comments Off

Lake Piediluco which takes its name from that of the town is so irregular in shape that it could be an Alpine lake. It is very charming, and surrounded wooded hills. Among these, “Echo Mountain”, is distinctive because of its shape which resembles a large cone. This mountain owes its name to the fact that

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October 31, 2018 Comments Off

The city of Terni is today the main inhabited center of the homonymous basin, as well as one of the most important and populous cities of Central Italy and the Apennine area. It is spread on the banks of the Nera river and the Serra river. In a vast and fertile basin surrounded by the

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October 30, 2018 Comments Off

Amelia, formerly known as Ameria, created by Ameroe, is a city of ancient origins: it was certainly among the first Italian centers with the testimony of the cyclopite walls of extraordinary beauty. A border town, first Umbrian and then Roman, Amelia boasts many testimonies of its past: in addition to the city walls, which is

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