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Characteristic Umbrian town with strong medieval connotations, it still preserves numerous historical and archaeological testimonies. The Narnese area was home to populations since the Neolithic period, while the first historical evidence dates back to 600 BC, as Livio said, mentioning Nequinum (Narni) and its inhabitants. In 299 BC it was conquered by the Roman troops

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San Gemini

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Famous for the spa (and for the eponymous brand of excellent mineral water), but notable especially for the beauty of the historic center, well preserved and characterized by morphology and typically medieval appearance. The inhabited center of San Gemini rises on the ruins of a small Roman settlement along the route of the ancient Via

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It was founded between the eighth and seventh centuries BC from the Umbrians on a hill located on the left bank of the Tiber, about 400 meters above sea level and a short distance from the territory inhabited by the Etruscans, with the name of Tutere, which means “border town”. According to legend, initially the

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Spoleto is located at the southern end of the Valle Umbra, a vast alluvial plain generated in prehistoric times by the presence of a vast lake, Illacus Umber, permanently drained in the Middle Ages, after its swamping, with reclamation works. The city developed on the Sant’Elia hill, a low hilly promontory at the foot of

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Salto con paracadute

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Per provare la fantastica esperienza del volo con paracadute in tandem, i nostri ospiti potranno partecipare ad un lancio addestrativo con paracadute biposto pilotato da un istruttore. Non serve altro che un pizzico di coraggio per volare davvero e vivere un’esperienza indimenticabile. Coloro che soggiornano presso il nostro Hotel, potranno usufruire di uno sconto per

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Escursioni in Quad

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Provate l’entusiasmante guida dei buggy cross, percorrendo strade e sentieri sterrati che attraversano l’incantevole scenario della Valnerina, sino a raggiungere luoghi come Cascia, Leonessa e Terminillo. Tutte le gite sono effettuate nella massima sicurezza con l’assistenza della guida apripista. Queste le proposte dedicate ai nostri ospiti: Tutte le proposte prevedono Pernottamento per due persone per

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