The Marmore Waterfall

March 27, 2019 By News Comments Off

The Marmore Waterfall is the highest in Europe, we have it one step away from home and every year it attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world. Its biggest peculiarity, besides being the highest is that it is an artificial waterfall. For this reason, do not be scared if you see the waterfall off, you have not made a voyage, just wait for the reopening time to admire the roaring of the water. At the @raftingmarmore Center the activities are many and suitable for all ages: children can have fun doing Soft Rafting, alone or with their parents, to carry out a wonderful family activity. If you don’t have children and you want to try a unique experience, you can choose how to walk the rapids of the Nera river: paddling in a dinghy, swimming in the waters with the hydrospeed or canyoning among the rocks and gorges of the mountain overlooking the river