Umbria Jazz Spring

April 1, 2019 By News Comments Off

Umbria Jazz Spring is done in four: #GOSPEL, #SOUL, #BLUES & #JAZZ. All these musical genres are closely intertwined, in substance even before in the formal aspects, and are sometimes difficult to distinguish. Together, they define the contours of the best #blackmusic born in American territory.
All this is inspired by the spring musical festival of #Terni, which includes #events concentrated in the # heart of the city and without interruption. During the period of the #fasquali festival Terni hosts the most substantial and articulated Black Music program on a national level. The choice of spaces was made in coherence with the musical genres: in clubs, therefore, jazz, to recover its historically more typical atmosphere; in the Sanctuary of #SanFrancesco, a place of prayer and meeting place for the community of believers, the gospel; in the @caos_centroarti, space of art, cultural production and aggregation, the blues, the soul and the more transversal strands.